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Going Green

The global e-waste epidemicOur society produces more electronic scrap at a faster rate than any other source of waste. In our technologically driven culture, the rate of manufacturing new technology has intensified, causing the rapid obsolescence of electronic equipment. This comes at a cost. Researchers have found that the average desktop computer and monitor requires at least 10 times its weight in fossil fuels and chemicals to manufacture. With the growing number of technological products being produced today, our world faces a serious, global problem: the consumption of our precious natural resources, and the production of more toxic e-waste materials. 

Refurbish and Re-use

Refurbished Technology

At Tech4NonProfits, we are advocates for the re-use of technology. By encouraging the circulation of high-quality, refurbished technology, we do our part to reduce the amount of natural resources needed to manufacture new systems. By refurbishing and updating, we can extend the useful life of equipment, slowing down the production and dissemination of harmful e-waste pollutants. 

Our Committment to Environmental Stewardship

Our commitment to the environmentWe are committed to being responsible stewards and protectors of our environment. When equipment can no longer be refurbished, Tech4NonProfits ensures that all equipment is safely, legally and ethically recycled. We uphold the highest recycling standards, making sure that all non-remarketable equipment is recycled responsibly according to certifications established by R2 and e-Stewards. These certifying bodies require that recyclers comply with all local, national and international recycling rules and regulations. Furthermore, certified recyclers are accountable for the chain of custody of materials, ensuring that e-waste is disposed of properly. This means no landfills, no illegal export and no dangerous or improper disposal of toxic materials.


Going green with refurbished technology

Go green with us by re-using technology! Tech4NonProfits is committed to providing first-rate refurbished technology to nonprofit institutions. With our affordable prices, we make it easy for you to get the equipment you need for your organization. 

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